About us

About us

Our history

After more than 30 years printing, all pour activity of digital printing is focused on our big installations in Sant Boi de Llobregat of more than 2.500m², being our most important value experience and dedication of all the people who are part of Publiservei.

The constant innovant technology in the graphic solutions’ ambit, both in machinery and software, as in materials and process, entail a highly specialized and continuous training of our staff in the fields of digital printing.

We have configured a large team in order to attend all the needs that our clients have, and to develop an integral service. Adding to the production processes and installations, the manage of the finished product: picking, international campaigns, composition and documentation of the product, transports and logistics, as well as the replacement of campaigns and stocks.


Our team

The development and formation of the professionals that are members of Publiservei guarantees a better operation of the company and a better attention to our clients. Nowadays more than 30 people add their experience in different areas in order to create a product or service with the maximum quality.

Contact with our professionals:

Miguel García
Miguel García
Pre-printing department
Juan García
Pablo Ulloa
Commercial department
Carlos García
Carlos García
Technical director
Jaume Dols
Jaume Dols
Boss of sells

Our policy of objectives and quality

From the direction of Publiservei, we believe that to carry out our processes with quality is necessary to expedite the customer's request, providing the necessary information and assisting him in all phases, ie, from the entry of the order, advising with the materials to be used and constantly presenting new materials and technologies, to the issuance of the invoice, to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have all the information and the involvement of all the personnel, both in the maintenance of the order of the workshop, in the external image offered to the customer, as well as in the fulfillment of the applicable customer and legal requirements. It is essential that the customer trusts in the capacity of each and every one of the company's employees.

In order to keep improving continuously, we must have the most advanced technology and know at all times the novelties of the sector both in machinery and materials, as well as to let the customer know it.

All this, always taking into account the commitment of the organization to comply with current legislation and applicable regulations, as well as setting objectives and goals of the quality management system to continuously improve the effectiveness of the company.

The management of Publiservei ensures that this policy is known by all company staff, as well as suppliers and partners, and can be consulted by anyone on our website.

Sebastian Garcia

March 30, 2020

Quality Objectives

The Quality Policy of Publiservei is translated into Quality Objectives

Our values

In order to keep being in the first line we work in different areas. That are the principal ones:

Eco Print

We bet for a printing respectful process with the environment. We print in certificate low impact with the environment materials or totally ecofriendly in their composition.

Process management

Do that the ideas of our clients become in products. Control all the process of production with a correct color management, get the same results in different supports, we assure the unit of brand of the client.

Customized solutions

We work with our clients in order to find the more appropriate solution for their necessities, with the most adequate materials and supports for their projects, looking always for to get a digital impression with the maximum of quality.


We give form to all your projects and ideas. We are going to help you the most adequate process and materials. From the technical department they will guide you in the documents preparation, test management, mockups and all the previous steps for the digital print.

Our clients are the real value and the real capital of Publiservei, our continuity warranty. We appreciate the trust that give to us during these years, a collaboration that allow us to be a leader company y in our sector, and we have a big future projection.