About us

Our installations and technology

Our principal activity us to print, from there we develop the rest of the activities until we achieve a high quality product. We have a large production capacity, due to our large machinery park, and our high professionalism.


We work so that the finished product is in the right place and time. We have the necessary tools to produce international campaigns, in fact each year we carry out more than one a month, the last one for 68 countries and 35 languages.

An efficient collaboration with our clients' logistics centers, as well as the management of all the legal information of the products according to their destination country, are present in the entire distribution process that we generate.


We have our own team of highly qualified installers, and with all the legal requirements to work in any venue or location. In this way we can offer a complete service and control the quality of our work until its final destination.


Global managment

Offering a comprehensive service entails having a general and detailed vision at the same time of our activity, only then can we adequately serve our clients. From a request for information, to the finished and delivered product, we take care of all the steps involved in this production process.

Gathering all our personal and machinery in a single work center provides us with great response capacity. All production, handling and logistics processes are carried out in the same place, our facilities in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

We have a fleet of machinery, which allows us to undertake any job regardless of its size or urgency. We can exceed 500 square meters per hour, since we have four high-performance equipment:

  • Durst Rho 500– Coil up to 5 meters.
  • Durst Rho P5 – Up to 3 meters. Flexible with the possibility of white.
  • HP Latex 160 – Water based up to 160 centimeters.
  • Onset X1 Fuji – Format 3x160.
  • Konsberg XP – 300x160.
  • Konsberg Esko Automatica – 300x200 and continuous.
  • Fotuba Coil Cut – Width 320.
  • Guillotine – 160 centimeters.
  • Cutting plotter 1 – 160 centimeters.
  • Cutting Plotter 2 – Coil.